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[name] is similar to [page:OrbitControls]. However, it does not maintain a constant camera [page:Object3D.up up] vector. That means if the camera orbits over the “north” and “south” poles, it does not flip to stay "right side up".


[example:misc_controls_trackball misc / controls / trackball ]


[name]( [param:Camera camera], [param:HTMLDOMElement domElement] )

[page:Camera camera]: The camera of the rendered scene.

[page:HTMLDOMElement domElement]: The HTML element used for event listeners.

Creates a new instance of [name].



Fires when the camera has been transformed by the controls.


Fires when an interaction (e.g. touch) was initiated.


Fires when an interaction has finished.


[property:HTMLDOMElement domElement]

The HTMLDOMElement used to listen for mouse / touch events. This must be passed in the constructor; changing it here will not set up new event listeners.

[property:Number dynamicDampingFactor]

Defines the intensity of damping. Only considered if [page:.staticMoving staticMoving] is set to *false*. Default is *0.2*.

[property:Boolean enabled]

Whether or not the controls are enabled.

[property:Array keys]

This array holds keycodes for controlling interactions.

Default is *KeyA, KeyS, KeyD* which represents A, S, D.

[property:Number maxDistance]

How far you can zoom out. Default is *Infinity*.

[property:Number minDistance]

How far you can zoom in. Default is *0*.

[property:Object mouseButtons]

This object contains references to the mouse actions used by the controls.

[property:Boolean noPan]

Whether or not panning is disabled. Default is *false*.

[property:Boolean noRotate]

Whether or not rotation is disabled. Default is *false*.

[property:Boolean noZoom]

Whether or not zooming is disabled. Default is *false*.

[property:Camera object]

The camera being controlled.

[property:Number panSpeed]

The pan speed. Default is *0.3*.

[property:Number rotateSpeed]

The rotation speed. Default is *1.0*.

[property:Object screen]

Represents the properties of the screen. Automatically set when [page:.handleResize handleResize]() is called.

[property:Boolean staticMoving]

Whether or not damping is disabled. Default is *false*.

[property:Number zoomSpeed]

The zoom speed. Default is *1.2*.


[method:null checkDistances] ()

Ensures the controls stay in the range [minDistance, maxDistance]. Called by [page:.update update]().

[method:null dispose] ()

Should be called if the controls is no longer required.

[method:null handleResize] ()

Should be called if the application window is resized.

[method:null panCamera] ()

Performs panning if necessary. Called by [page:.update update]().

[method:null reset] ()

Resets the controls to its initial state.

[method:null rotateCamera] ()

Rotates the camera if necessary. Called by [page:.update update]().

[method:null update] ()

Updates the controls. Usually called in the animation loop.

[method:null zoomCamera] ()

Performs zooming if necessary. Called by [page:.update update]().


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/examples/jsm/controls/TrackballControls.js examples/jsm/controls/TrackballControls.js]