[name]( [param:Camera camera] )

[page:Camera camera] - 在光的世界里

创建一个新的[name]。这不能直接调用的 - 它由其他阴影用作基类。


[property:Boolean autoUpdate]

Enables automatic updates of the light's shadow. Default is *true*. If you do not require dynamic lighting / shadows, you may set this to *false*.

[property:Camera camera]


[property:Float bias]


[property:WebGLRenderTarget map]


[property:WebGLRenderTarget mapPass]

The distribution map generated using the internal camera; an occlusion is calculated based on the distribution of depths. Computed internally during rendering.

[property:Vector2 mapSize]


较高的值会以计算时间为代价提供更好的阴影质量。值必须是2的幂,直到给定设备的[page:WebGLRenderer.capabilities].maxTextureSize, 虽然宽度和高度不必相同(例如,(512,1024)有效)。 默认值为*(512,512)*。

[property:Matrix4 matrix]

模拟阴影相机空间,计算阴影贴图中的位置和深度。存储在[page:Matrix4 Matrix4]中。这是在渲染期间内部计算的。

[property:Boolean needsUpdate]

When set to *true*, shadow maps will be updated in the next *render* call. Default is *false*. If you have set [page:.autoUpdate] to *false*, you will need to set this property to *true* and then make a render call to update the light's shadow.

[property:Float normalBias]

Defines how much the position used to query the shadow map is offset along the object normal. The default is 0. Increasing this value can be used to reduce shadow acne especially in large scenes where light shines onto geometry at a shallow angle. The cost is that shadows may appear distorted.

[property:Float radius]

较高的值会在阴影中产生不必要的条带效果 - 更大的[page:.mapSize mapSize]将允许在这些效果变得可见之前使用更高的值。
If [page:WebGLRenderer.shadowMap.type] is set to [page:Renderer PCFSoftShadowMap], radius has no effect and it is recommended to increase softness by decreasing [page:.mapSize mapSize] instead.

请注意,如果[page:WebGLRenderer.shadowMap.type]设置为[page:Renderer BasicShadowMap],将会无效。


[method:Vector2 getFrameExtents]()

Used internally by the renderer to extend the shadow map to contain all viewports

[method:null updateMatrices]( [param:Light light] )

Update the matrices for the camera and shadow, used internally by the renderer.

light -- the light for which the shadow is being rendered.

[method:Frustum getFrustum]()

Gets the shadow cameras frustum. Used internally by the renderer to cull objects.

[method:number getViewportCount]()

Used internally by the renderer to get the number of viewports that need to be rendered for this shadow.

[method:LightShadow copy]( [param:LightShadow source] )

将[page:LightShadow source]中的所有属性的值复制到该Light。

[method:LightShadow clone]()


[method:Object toJSON]()



[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/lights/[name].js src/lights/[name].js]