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A material for drawing wireframe-style geometries with dashed lines.

Code Example

const material = new THREE.LineDashedMaterial( { color: 0xffffff, linewidth: 1, scale: 1, dashSize: 3, gapSize: 1, } );


[example:webgl_lines_dashed WebGL / lines / dashed]


[name]( [param:Object parameters] )

[page:Object parameters] - (optional) an object with one or more properties defining the material's appearance. Any property of the material (including any property inherited from [page:LineBasicMaterial]) can be passed in here.


See the base [page:LineBasicMaterial] class for common properties.

[property:number dashSize]

The size of the dash. This is both the gap with the stroke. Default is *3*.

[property:number gapSize]

The size of the gap. Default is *1*.

[property:number scale]

The scale of the dashed part of a line. Default is *1*.


See the base [page:LineBasicMaterial] class for common methods.


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/[path].js src/[path].js]