This holds a reference to a real property in the scene graph; used internally.


[name]( [param:Object3D rootNode], path, parsedPath )

-- [page:Object3D rootNode]: -- path -- parsedPath (optional)


[property:Number path]

[property:Number parsedPath]

[property:Number node]

[property:Number rootNode]

[property:Object BindingType]

[property:Object Versioning]

[property:Array GetterByBindingType]

[property:Array SetterByBindingTypeAndVersioning]


[method:null getValue]( [param:Array targetArray], [param:Number offset] )

[method:null setValue]( [param:Array sourceArray], [param:Number offset] )

[method:null bind]( )

Create getter / setter pair for a property in the scene graph. Used internally by [page:PropertyBinding.getValue getValue] and [page:PropertyBinding.setValue setValue].

[method:null unbind]( )

Unbind getter / setter pair for a property in the scene graph.

[method:Constructor Composite]( targetGroup, path, optionalParsedPath )

Create a new Composite PropertyBinding.

[method:Constructor create]( root, path, parsedPath )

Create a new Composite PropertyBinding (if root is an [page:AnimationObjectGroup]) or PropertyBinding.

[method:Constructor parseTrackName]( trackName )

Matches strings in the following forms:
-- nodeName.property
-- nodeName.property[accessor]
-- nodeName.material.property[accessor]
-- uuid.property[accessor]
-- uuid.objectName[objectIndex].propertyName[propertyIndex]
-- parentName/nodeName.property
-- parentName/parentName/nodeName.property[index]
-- .bone[Armature.DEF_cog].position
-- scene:helium_balloon_model:helium_balloon_model.position

[method:Constructor findNode]( root, nodeName )

Find a node in a node tree or [page:Skeleton Skeleton].


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/[path].js src/[path].js]